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Math & Science

The European Sci-Tech Challenge is an annual program sponsored by ExxonMobil and run in partnership with Junior Achievement Young Enterprise. The innovative program encourages 15 to 18 year old students to consider science, technology, engineering & math (STEM) related careers, and to think in practical ways about the energy issues they will face in the future.

Over the past seven years of the program, the Sci-Tech challenge has engaged over 55,000 students in ten countries and over 1000 ExxonMobil volunteers.

Read more about the current European Sci-Tech Challenge here.

In 1989, ExxonMobil Chemical Europe launched the European Science & Engineering Programme (ESEP). The objective of ESEP is to promote scientific interactions between the company and European universities and research institutions.

Read more about ESEP here.

ExxonMobil Chemical Europe's European Science & Engineering Programme

Some 14,000 scientists and engineers work for ExxonMobil worldwide - and we are very aware of the need to inspire future generations of scientists.