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Our employees share a commitment to safety, integrity, operational excellence and good corporate citizenship; they work every day to protect the environment, maximize benefits for the communities in which we work, and maintain a safe, secure and healthy workplace. By focusing on creating long-term benefits for communities, we are contributing to society’s broader sustainability objectives, creating a more stable business environment and improved quality of life.

Corporate Citizenship Report

ExxonMobil’s Corporate Citizenship Report details some of the work we do each day to provide the energy needed to improve standards of living throughout the world in a safe, ethical and environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Wherever ExxonMobil operates, we are committed to contributing to the communities of which we are a part.

Our worldwide spending includes contributions to non-profit organizations; we also invest in social projects through various joint-venture arrangements, production-sharing agreements and projects operated by others. In 2013, Exxon Mobil Corporation, our divisions and affiliates and the ExxonMobil Foundation provided a combined $228 million in cash, goods and services worldwide.

Safety is more than just a priority at ExxonMobil – it is a core value and an integral part of our culture. Protecting the safety and health of our workforce is fundamental to our business.

Reliable and affordable energy is essential to human progress. At the same time - like all industrial processes - energy development involves risk. ExxonMobil considers risk at every stage of development, and we continuously work to reduce environmental impacts.

We encourage the pursuit of math and science through a variety of programs. By making a joint effort with other corporate leaders, we’re putting science and math fluency on the fast track.